With an aim to meet the fitness needs of different groups in Shanghai, and encourage more citizens to participate physical exercises, Shanghai Amateur Games is created as a multilevel amateur sports competition system for ordinary citizens that allows people of different ages and levels find a suitable competition and test their sport skills.

2017 Shanghai Amateur Games is comprised of three categories: league and series of various sports as well as brand events. It has attracted the active participation of more social organizations and market entities.


10 Sports: football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, go, roller skating, line dance, fencing, and taekwondo.


35 Sports: road running, city orienteering, triathlon, cycling, fitness yoga, swimming, sailing, extreme sports, e-sports, archery, skating, bodybuilding, kendo, cricket, billiards, climbing, rugby, squash, dragon boat, dragon and lion dancing, fancy rope skipping, motor sports, golf, kite flying, gate ball, fishing, aerobics dancing, darts, tennis, Mulanquan, Liangongshibafa (Lian-gong in 18 Sections), dancesport, canoeing, boxing, and fitness qigong.


11 Brand Events: Shanghai Science and Technology Sports Carnival, Shanghai Mind Sports Games, China Shanghai International Popular Sports Festival, Fitness Competition for World-renowned Enterprises in China, Shanghai Army-Civilian Sports Series, Shanghai Citizen’s Wushu Festival, Shanghai Citizen’s Football Festival, Shanghai Citizen’s Basketball Festival, Great Sports Meeting, Shanghai Development Park Games, and Community Parent-child Sports Series.